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25 August 2008 @ 12:01 pm
Going Retail  
It's an exciting time here at Pet Cloud Yarns. We are under discussion with a new, soon-to-open local yarn shop about selling our yarns.

This means we have to go professional, and we have to create a business plan that is implimentable in conjunction with our day jobs.

I would like to begin production with commercially spun hand painted superwash sock yarn. I believe that producing one small dye lot per week is doable.

Other things we need to do:

Create logo
- I would also like to create individualized logo modifications for different yarns. Rain would appear on machine washables. Lightning would be added for machine dryables. Non-yarn items such as stitch markers would appear with snow.

Choose line names
- Different cloud types for different weights, handspun, etc.

Choose colorway names
- nature based

Create ball band
- Weight name and WPI should appear in addition to guage.
- Washing instructions
- Colorway & dye lot
- Fiber content

Choose commercially spun yarn to use for initial line.

Create colorway record notebook.

Create content such as free patterns for customers here or on a new Pet Cloud website.
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